EMD Lab Courses

The work of the Emergent Media Design Lab supports and enhances a series of courses taught by Professor John Crawford and associated faculty at UC Irvine. We engage, nuture and challenge the next generation of technology-savvy art makers, storytellers and designers, enhancing awareness and developing new skills in socially engaged artmaking, emergent media and connected design.

augmented reality hands 3x1

Immersive Digital Art

Fall 2020 • Arts 75
Tue & Thu, 12:30-1:50pm

Immersive Digital Art explores how artists and designers use interactive digital systems to create immersive media experiences. These are environments that use illusory and physical cues to give participants the impression that they are inside of an experience. Case studies show how theatre, visual art, music and dance play a central role in developing immersive digital media. Students create a speculative design proposal for their own immersive media project.

Virtual Studio Lab

Winter 2021 • Arts 275 & Dance 281
Tue & Thu, 11:00-12:20pm

Virtual Studio Lab is a project-oriented course in which graduate students drawn from multiple disciplines rely on experimentation and collective action to investigate the expressive potential of the virtual studio environment. Participants conceptualize, develop and present new performing arts projects in a fully-online format structured around multimodal collaboration. Readings, discussion and experiental sessions introduce foundational material involving interactivity, immersion, AR/VR, social connectivity, and related topics.

Art Then and Now

Spring 2021 • Arts 1
Schedule TBD

Art Then and Now invites students to develop a personal view of art, the world of art, and its relation to other aspects of everyday life. We examine what art (the word, the concept, the practice, the effect) means, what art is (and is not), where art comes from and how art relates to esthetics. As we survey approaches to artmaking that encompass prehistoric artifacts, the work of the old masters, the advent of modern art and contemporary intermedia approaches, we consider how art not only relates to but fabricates the anthropocene.